About Us

- BitKey try to keep a long-term service. If you want support us you can download our app it`s free, or buy an advanced feature like NFC-XOR card.

- Besides, You can donate to our Bitcoin address: 13Ez2XwTpZuGNiWKpUMwJzXJPXHPxJL6ks QR-code .
These Bitcoins can help us to test transactions on mainnet. Thanks.

- We are looking for seed round investment, if you want to help you can contact us via email: bitkey.tech@gmail.com

Our Mission

Although Bitcoin is a virtual network in the cyber world, it is not a game, but a great experiment to solve reality problems. We think the anchor between the virtual and reality is rely on two elements: private-key associate with human individuals, and the PoW mining associate with the physical energy and time. We want to contribute in the following aspects:

- keep on researching private-keys management technology.

- Focus on mobile platform, research and keep attention to platforms's policies of Bitcoin.

- Research technology for the wider use of Bitcoins, like lighting network.

- Research technology about merge-mining, smart contract, side-chain like RSK.

- 10KW solar pv power station tends to be popular, and we try to make experimental solar mining. This will help Bitcoin network become more green and decentralized.