( x ) Backup private-keys/seed-words on paper. It is risk.
( x ) Backup AES encrypted data on cloud storage. It is not perfect. The cloud administer or hacker can brute-force break the encrypted data.
( ? ) Is there a better method?

Bitkey is a soft-hardware hybrid Bitcoin wallet. Using an NFC-XOR card, Bitkey protect private-keys with perfect security and can resist any brute-force attack.


Focus on private-key security

Using BitKey you can manage your private-keys within your own control. "For most, coin loss is a larger risk than coin theft", Bitkey hold the same point of view and implamented with trusted data backup solutions, which can resistant brute-force attack.

Target on mobile paltform application

Full use of biometric protection provided by smart phones, such as face lock and fingerprint lock. BitKey is keep studying mobile platform's environment and implemanet a number of security and easy-using features.

NFC-XOR card, unbreakable solution

BitKey 3.0 will introduce a new exciting feature, with some NFC hardware accessories . This solution will be one of the best practices with the ability to balance safety and ease-use, and provides unbreakable data backup protection.


Using an NFC-XOR card to sign a transaction

Bitkey's workflow want to demonstrate Bitcoin's internal mechanisms, such as the transaction signing and transaction broadcast process. This image illustrates using an NFC-XOR-KEY card to decrypt the XOR-ed private-key and sign a transaction.

Worldwide Users

BitKey 1.0 is released on appstore in 2014. BitKey is still keep simple and focus on private-key security. The app is a worldwide product and many of users like BitKey‘s style. It is mainly popular in Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

More Information

You can find more detail features about BitKey on the PRODUCT page.
You can read our BLOG to know how BitKey works.
Download the app via APPSTORE .