Bitkey is a pure Bitcoin wallet since 2014.
No account required you control your Bitcoin keys.

BitKey is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
The following 3 Main-Features provide a progressing security upgrade.

1. Data Backup

For most, keys loss is a larger risk than coin theft, Bitkey is implemented with trusted data backup solutions, using your own iCloud document, which is encrypted and protected by the sandbox mechanism.

2. Advanced Encrypt

Weak passwords cannot resist any brute force attacks. Bitkey uses security questions/answers enhance your password, which can add 100 bits of entropy to your password. This will effectively resist brute force attacks.

3. Multisig-TimeLock Address

BitKey provides 2-of-2 multisig-timelock address, this is a two-factor wallet and greatly avoids single point risk. Another advantage, even if your cold keys(seeds/mnemonics) lost, you can still spend coins after timelock expired.

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Bitkey-Multisig-Tool on Mac

BitKey can create 2-of-2 multisig-timelock address. BitKey-Multisig-Tool on Mac is a cosign tool, and the cosign-keys can be totally airgap and safe.

Open Source

History and Users

BitKey is first released on AppStore in 2014 and is still keeping simple now. BitKey is a worldwide product and many users like BitKey‘s design.

More Information

You can find more detail features about BitKey on the PRODUCT page.
You can read our BLOG to know how BitKey works.
Download the app via APPSTORE .